C-GLORS – The CMCC Global Ocean Physical Reanalysis System

The CMCC Global Ocean Physical Reanalysis System (C-GLORS) is used at CMCC to simulate the state of the ocean in the last decades. It consists of a variational data assimilation system (OceanVar), capable of assimilating all in-situ observations along with altimetry data, and a forecast step performed by the ocean model NEMO coupled with the LIM2 sea-ice model.

C-GLORS is currently implemented in a 1/2 degree resolution and a 1/4 degree resolution configurations, both using 50 vertical levels. The former is mainly used for testing purposes, long-term simulations and ensemble simulations, while the latter for the production of reanalyses in the last two or three decades, in the framework of MyOcean and GEMINA projects.

For more information, please visit the official C-GLORS website.


  • RP0211 – The CMCC Global Ocean Physical Reanalysis System (C-GLORS) version 3.1: Configuration and basic validation
  • Storto, Andrea, Srdjan Dobricic, Simona Masina, Pierluigi Di Pietro, 2011: Assimilating Along-Track Altimetric Observations through Local Hydrostatic Adjustment in a Global Ocean Variational Assimilation System. Monthly Weather Review, 139, 738–754.


Simona Masina.

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