Calignano Stefano

Via Marco Biagi 5 – 73100 Lecce, Italy

+39 0832 1902411

Stefano Calignano works as an accountant at CMCC since June 2006. In 1991 he obtained the professional qualification of Chartered Accountant (CA). He previously worked as an account at the office of CPAs Pizzolante, De Donno and Epifani, as a tax consultant at the Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA) and as a technical adviser at the Trial court of Campi Salentina.

He worked also as a commissioner of the examination board at the professional institute for social services; as a teacher of preparatory courses at the Lecce Chamber of Commerce; as a receiver at Lecce’s Court; as a managing partner at Albtaros. Finally, he worked in the MEP Secretariat at the European Parliament, for the Mayor’s Secretariat at Lecce’s Municipality, and for Aprol Lecce (an association of olive growers).

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