Calliari Elisa

Edificio Porta dell'Innovazione - Piano 2 - via della Libertà 12 - 30175 Venezia Marghera (VE), Italy

+39 041 2346080

Elisa is a post-doctoral researcher in the ‘Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies’ division, which she joined in 2013. She has contributed to several international projects on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation (DRR/CCA) in Europe and beyond. Her work has focused on the Caribbean Small Island Developing States, Latin American countries (Mexico and Paraguay) and Africa (Uganda). She also acted as expert on adaptation in transnational regions for the European Topic Centre on Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and Adaptation (ETC/CCA).

Elisa is interested in the role of institutions and governance arrangements in supporting disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation (DRR/CCA) and in the emerging policy field of loss and damage associated with climate change impacts. Her latest achievements include co-authoring the Italian Climate Change Adaptation Plan (Chapters: 1.1.3 Water Resources; 2.2 Adaptation measures) and the 2017 Science for Disaster Risk Management Report of the European Union (Chapter 2.3 The Most recent view of vulnerability). Besides her research activity, she has organised several virtual and on-site project meetings (eg. Italy, Jamaica), convened special sessions at Conferences (eg. ECCA 2019, Understanding Risk 2016 and Society for Risk Analysis 2013), as well as delivered training and organised dissemination/communication activities.

Elisa has background in International Relations and Diplomacy (MA, University of Trieste), a specialization in Environmental Economics and Management (MA, Bocconi University) and holds a Phd in Science and Management of Climate Change (Ca’Foscari University of Venice). She is currently Research Associate at the Department of Political Science at University College London (UCL).

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