Madonia Alice

Via Marco Biagi 5 – 73100 Lecce, Italy

(+39) 0832 1902411

Alice Madonia is affiliated at CMCC since 2016. Her research is focused on the implementation of integrated observing networks (in situ measures, remote sensing observations and numerical models) for the assessment of pollution phenomena in marine coastal ecosystems.

In 2020 she held a research fellowship at Tuscia University within the SeaForest LIFE project for the analysis of carbon stocks of P.oceanica in relation to degradation phenomena.

She obtained her PhD in Ecology and Sustainable Management of Biological Resources in 2014 at the Laboratory of Experimental Oceanology and Marine Ecology (Tuscia University, Italy) working on the development of new marine technologies aimed at the study of bio-optical variables through in situ fluorescence, seawater sampling and laboratory analysis.

During her research experience, she collaborated within numerous european and national research programmes (Interreg, Life, PON, PNRA, PRIN..) involved in the field of marine ecology and environmental monitoring.

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