McAdam Ronan

via C. Berti Pichat 6/2 - 40127 Bologna, Italy

Ronan is an early-career researcher working on predictions of essential variables which help us track the ocean climate. His main research interests include seasonal forecasting, natural variability and human-induced changes in the ocean. He is currently working on analysing forecasts of temperature in the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic, as well identifying the physical processes involved.

His main responsibility is the validation of the CMCC’s Seasonal Prediction System (SPS3) and the creation of user-relevant products from SPS3. He compares with a range of existing satellite and model data from the Copernicus Marine Service, while contributing to the GLORAN and EuroSea projects.

During his PhD Ronan worked on ocean transport, the dispersal of debris and Lagrangian methods to describe connectivity. He has written articles on debris accumulation in the open ocean for both scientific and public audiences. He enjoys public outreach and has presented on oceanography and marine environmental problems at many schools and public exhibitions.

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