Pérez Blanco Carlos Dionisio

Carlos Dionisio Pérez Blanco is a Research Associate at CMCC and Distinguished Research Fellow at Universidad de Salamanca, where he is Principal Investigator of the SWAN (total budget: EUR 500,000) and ATACC (EUR 140,000) projects.
He is a successful awardee of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie, the AXA Research Fund (at CMCC) and Ikerbasque fellowships. He has also coordinated the AGRO ADAPT Project (at CMCC, EUR 180,000). Overall, he has successfully applied to competitive calls worth over EUR 1.3 million during the past 4 years.
He leads a group of 4 researchers at USAL and he has been recently appointed coordinator of Water Future’s Economic Instruments of Water Security Working Group, an international network of 25 renowned scientists co-developing the pioneering Global Water Assessment.
He has published 21 scientific papers in major international peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journals, for an aggregate JCR 5-year Impact Factor of 59.4. All these achievements have been matured in the 5 years since he completed his PhD, which received the highest possible distinctions (summa cum laude and PhD Extraordinary Award 2016).


  • Irrigation Technology and Water Conservation: A Review of the Theory and Evidence
  • A tale of two rivers: Integrated hydro-economic modeling for the evaluation of trading opportunities and return flow externalities in inter-basin agricultural water markets
  • Measuring the Transaction Costs of Historical Shifts to Informal Drought Management Institutions in Italy
  • To charge or to cap in agricultural water management. Insights from modular iterative modeling for the assessment of bilateral micro-macro-economic feedback links
  • Rationalizing Systems Analysis for the Evaluation of Adaptation Strategies in Complex Human‐Water Systems
  • Managing water scarcity at a river basin scale with economic instruments
  • Buy me a river: Use of multi-attribute non-linear utility functions to address overcompensation in agricultural water buyback
  • The Water Abstraction License Regime in Italy: A Case for Reform?
  • Partnerships for disaster risk insurance in the EU
  • Revealing the willingness to pay for income insurance in agriculture

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