Valentini Riccardo

Via A. Pacinotti 5, I-01100 Viterbo, Italy

+ 39 0761 357394; +39 0761 1710299

Riccardo Valentini is full professor of Forest Ecology at the University of Tuscia, Italy.
His expertise concern the role of land use changes and forestry in the carbon cycle, biodiversity and bioenergy. He is also involved through IPCC and governmental bodies on policies about the global carbon cycle and the role of land use changes and forestry
He is coordinator of several EU projects aiming to understand and quantify the terrestrial carbon budget and greenhouse gases emissions. He is coordinator of the EU-Proiect CARBOAFRICA.
He is Doctor Honoris Causa Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux, Belgium. He is a Nobel Price for Peace as member of the IPCC board.
He is Director of the Impacts Division of the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change and Member of the Biogeoscience Committe of the European Research Council
2009: Chairman of the Global Terrestrial Observation System Programme, sponsored by FAO/UNESCO/UNEP/ICSU/WMO.
2010: Coordinator of the EU project CLIMAFRICA.
2010: Award of the Advanced Senior Grant of the European Research Coucil.
2010: Member of Aurelio Peccei Foundation – Club di Roma 2011 – Coordinator of the EU project GEOCARBON.

Recent publications

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  • Dolman, A. J., A. Freibauer and R. Valentini (2008). The continental scale greenhouse gas balance of Europe. New York, Springer.
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  • Dolman, A. J., E.-D. Schulze and R. Valentini (2003). “Analyzing carbon flux measurements.” Science 301: 916-917.
  • Valentini, R., G. Matteucci, A. J. Dolman, E.-D. Schulze, C. Rebmann, E. J. Moors, A. Granier, P. Gross, N. O. Jensen, K. Pilegaard, A. Lindroth, A. Grelle, C. Bernhofer, T. Grünwald, M. Aubinet, R. Ceulemans, A. S. Kowalski, T. Vesala, Ü. Rannik, P. Berbigier, D. Loustau, J. Gu.mundsson, H. Thorgeirsson, A. Ibrom, K. Morgenstern, R. Clement, J. Moncrieff, L. Montagnani, S. Minerbi and P. G. Jarvis (2000). “Respiration as the main determinant of European forests carbon balance.” Nature 404: 861-865.

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