CIRCE – Climate change and impact research: the Mediterranean environment

The main objectives of the project are to predict and to quantify the physical impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean, and to assess the most influential consequences for the population of the region.

48 months from 01/04/2007 to 01/03/2011
Funded by
  • European Commission, FP6, Global Change and Ecosystem

CMCC Scientific Leader
CMCC Project manager
CMCC Institutes

CMCC Divisions

General aims
  • to predict and to quantify physical impacts of climate changes in the Mediterranean area;
  • to evaluate the consequences of climate changes for the society and the economy of the populations located in the Mediterranean area;
  • to develop an integrated approach to understand combined effects of climate change;
  • to identify adaptation and mitigation strategies in collaboration with regional stakeholders.


The complexity of an integrated project requires considerable attention to the management structure and CMCC, entitled for the project management, devotes fulltime human resources focused on monitoring the progress of the activities, the timely preparation of the reports, the coordination among all partners as well as among the 13 scientific research lines and the regular communication with the Commission about the project development. The CMCC Project Office will also dedicates to organize the project-wide meetings and conferences.

  • Coordination and Communication
  • Identification and attribution of present climate trends
  • The Mediterranean region and the global climate system
  • Radiations, clouds, aerosols, and climate change
  • Scale interactions and feedback processes
  • Water cycle
  • Extreme events
  • Impacts of global change on ecosystems and the services they provide
  • Quality and climate
  • Human health
  • Economic impacts of climate change
  • Integrating case studies
  • Relevant societal dynamics
  • Induced responses and policies.

  • Cyl - The Cyprus research and educational foundation

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