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Barriers and enablers for upscaling coastal restoration

Sánchez Arcilla A., Cáceres I., LeRoux X., Hinkel J., Schuerch M,, J. Nicholls R., del Mar Otero M., Staneva J., de Vries M., Pernice U., Briere C., Caiola N., Gracia V., Ibáñez C.,Torresan S.
2022, Nature-Based Solutions, "Special Issue: “ Scaling of Nature Based Solutionhs for maximum benefits”", DOI:, web page

RAAS - Risk assessment and adaptation strategies

Oceano, Città & coste, Politiche Globali, Acqua, cibo, uso del suolo.

Invited perspectives: A research agenda towards disaster risk management pathways in multi-(hazard-)risk assessment

Ward P. J., Daniell J., Duncan M., Dunne A., Hananel C., Hochrainer-Stigler S., Tijssen A., Torresan S., Ciurean R., Gill J. C., Sillmann J., Couasnon A., Koks E., Padrón-Fumero N., Tatman S., Tronstad Lund M., Adesiyun A., Aerts J. C. J. H., Alabaster A., Bulder B., Campillo Torres C., Critto A., Hernández-Martín R., Machado M., Mysiak J., Orth R., Palomino Antolín I., Petrescu E.-C., Reichstein M., Tiggeloven T., Van Loon A. F., Pham H. V. , and de Ruiter M. C.
2022, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS), 22, 1487–1497, DOI:, web page

RAAS - Risk assessment and adaptation strategies

Città & coste, Acqua, cibo, uso del suolo.

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