RP0134 – Overview of the main international climate services

Division CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division


  • Silvia MedriEuro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, SERC Division
  • Eva Banos de GuisasolaEuro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, SERC Division
  • Silvio GualdiEuro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, SERC Division
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As the demand for tailored climate information by decision makers, stakeholders and the general public is growing worldwide, together with the awareness of the challenges posed to society and environment by climate variability and change, Climate Services plays a crucial role as providers of standard as well as customized climate information systems and products. Relevant information concerns climate change impacts, vulnerability, risks and uncertainties as well as the possible response (mitigation and adaptation) measures and strategies and their management.
This report provides an overview (not intended to be exhaustive) of the relevant activities carried out by the existing international Climate Services and Consulting Agencies and of their main products and services.

This report represents the Deliverable P119 developed within the framework of Work Package 3.1 of the GEMINA project, funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea.

  • Keywords: climate advice, climate consulting agencies, climate services, climate tools

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