RP0178 – Overview of key climate change impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation action in Italy

Division CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division


  • Silvia Medri
  • Sara Venturini
  • Sergio Castellari
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This paper presents an extensive desk review of the available knowledge on climate change impacts and vulnerability in Italy and illustrates the state of the art of the adaptation policy and practice in the country, including early information on costs of impacts and costs of adapting to climate change. It aims at providing complete and accessible facts on the Italian approach to face climate change, which helps to frame the existing national adaptation efforts in the European and international arena. Section 1 introduces the expected climate change challenges relevant for the sectors of key national socio-economic and environmental interest in Italy. Section 2 illustrates the range of sectoral adaptation initiatives including legal frameworks and practical measures that have been already implemented in Italy despite the lack of a National Adaptation Strategy. In addition, the paper offers an Executive Summary, a series of Annexes providing supplementary information as well as a glossary of basic terms.

  • Keywords: climate change, impact assessment, vulnerability, adaptation, climate costing, National Adaptation Strategy, Italy

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