WAVACS-COST winter school

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The Water Vapour in the Climate System (WAVACS) COST winter school will provide a detailed view of atmospheric water vapour and its role in the climate system. The course is aimed primarly at PhD students, postdocs and other young scientists wishing to broaden and deepen their knowledge or to identify new research opportunities.
The course will include lectures and practical sessions.
There is no charge for registering to attend the school and 28 grants to cover shared lodging, meals and local transportation are available.

Distribution of Water Vapour in the atmosphere
Clouds and microphysics
Observational accuracy
Satellite observations and Data assimilation
Water Vapour feedbacks and clouds
Water Vapour and climate change


In-situ Observations
Satellite data analysis and data inversion
Trends and variability evaluation
GCM experiments
Climate models analysis

S.Buehler (Univ.Lulea, Kiruna; Sweden)
 C. Cagnazzo (CMCC, Bologna, Italy)
 C. Carraro (Ca’ Foscari Univ., Venice, Italy)
 F. Fierli (CNR, Bologna, Italy)
 P. Forster (Univ. Leeds, United Kingdom)
 A. Gettelman (NCAR, Boulder, United States)
 W. Lahoz (NILU, Oslo, Norway)
 B. Legras (LMD/ IPSL, France) 
A. Navarra (CMCC-INGV, Bologna, Italy) 
T. Peter (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)
 C. Schiller (FZ, Julich, Germany)
 B. Soden (U: Miami, United States)
 G. Stephens (CIRA/U Colorado, United States)

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