CLIMATEUROPE Webfestival Opening

Online event | 18 June, 2020 – h. 10:00 – 14:00 CEST

In this challenging time the third festival of Climateurope has been rearranged from the face-to-face meeting in Riga to a series of virtual events, the so-callled Webstivals (web – festivals).

The webstivals are hosted under the broad topic “Climate information at your service”. It should be an ideal opportunity to continue a dialog between researchers, suppliers, users, and funders all over Europe, and the World, that has been stated at the previous Festivals in Valencia and Belgrade.

Climateurope Webstivals have been designed as virtual meetings lasting 3-4 hours on a single day over the course of summer and autumn 2020.

The event will be a mix of plenary talks and virtual rooms/spaces where it is possible to discuss the talks and event, or just take the opportunity to make new connections, and engage with old friends and colleagues. To keep that festival feel, some fun and interactive events have been organized, running throughout the day including a photography competition and a local ingredient/low carbon recipe sharing space and more.

More details about the AGENDA.

Click here to fill the form and register your interest to Climateurope Webfestival 2020:

Climateurope is a project funded by the European Commission under the Framework Program Horizon2020 – Project ref. 689029




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