Climathon Venice 2018 – How to reduce, recycle and reuse waste in Venice?

The third edition of Venice Climathon will take place on October 25 (9am – 9pm) and 26 (9am-9pm), 2018 at VEGA (“Venice Science Park”, Marghera Venice). Climathon Venice 2018 is organized by CMCC Foundation in partnership with We are Here Venice and Ca’Foscari Challenge School and promoted by the City of Venice, within the initiative “Le Città in Festa”.

Climathon is a global 24-hour climate change hackathon happening simultaneously in more than one hundred cities around the world, promoted by Climate-KIC. It brings together the challenges of the world’s cities with the people who have the passion and ability to solve them. Climathon attracts innovators, entrepreneurs, students and professionals to create innovative solutions to cities climate challenges.

The Challenge of the city of Venice
Venice is one of the world’s most vulnerable cities to the current and expected impacts of climate change. Venice is dominated by tourism, the most waste intensive sector of the local economy. With Venice’s 2018 Climathon, we are looking for ideas and solutions to increase the ability of the city to reduce the impacts of resource use and greenhouse gas emissions, to minimise the impacts of consumption on climate change.

How to make Venice cleaner and show the world new ways of waste reduction to reduce the effects of consumption on climate change? What are the possible approaches to reducing resource use and waste production in Venice? How can arts and science support the cause? What type of projects and communication campaigns can effectively reduce waste generation, limit plastics consumption and improve the climate performance of Venice as an iconic city?

Venice is an important beacon for the world and should be a leader in innovative approaches to reconciling human impacts and the natural environment. Try to solve one of Venice’s climate challenges by proposing new and concrete solutions for waste management, including ways of reducing waste production – especially in the tourism sector.
Solutions we are looking for should focus on any of the following dimensions of this issue:
– Policy suggestions including economic instruments
– Behavioural changes driven by educational and communication campaigns
– Practical/System innovations able to lower the impact of consumption.
The Climathon will be supported by these amazing coaches and experts.

Join Climathon Venice, an intensive brainstorm to make Venice a better place to live!
Come and put your minds to these urgent challenges, that will be presented via inspirational talks and you will meet like-minded people from different sectors and places. The intention is also for lasting contacts to form among teams, mentors, partner organisations and participants so the energy and ideas will continue to grow.

Members of the winning team will be rewarded special opportunities: CMCC Foundation will offer research guidance via its extensive network of researchers and experts. WahV (We are Here Venice) will offer opportunities for work experience or propose a collaboration either in Venice or at one of its partner organizations in the UK.

Click here to apply by October 18. We will confirm your participation by Monday October 23.
A maximum of 30 participants, organised in teams of 5, will be admitted to the Venice Climathon, selected on the basis of expertise and field of interests (to be specified in the online registration form).
In consideration of the multidisciplinarity of the challenge proposed, applications are invited of pre-formed groups of 4 ot 5 people. Individuals can also apply: the organizers will try to connect them to form groups, when possible.

Important INFO
● Application deadline for participants: October 18, 2018
● Participation is FREE
● The official language of the event is Italian but some presentations and mentors may use English
● Lunches and coffee breaks on both days and a dinner buffet on October 26 will be offered. Please advise the organizer in case of allergies or dietary restrictions and bring your personal cup and spoon so that we can immediately start contributing to waste reduction in Venice!

Download the event Agenda

When and Where

Venice Science Park - Ca’ Foscari Challenge School, Edificio Porta dell'Innovazione, Via della Libertà, 12 - Marghera-Venice (VE) - Venice Science Park - Ca’ Foscari Challenge School, Edificio Porta dell'Innovazione, Via della Libertà, 12 - Marghera-Venice (VE) -

25 Oct 2018 26 Oct 2018

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