CMCC Seminar – Driving innovation together: WMO reform and research

Paolo Ruti – Chief – World Weather Research Division WMO

Over the last decades a number of major international research initiatives accelerated progress in weather and climate science.
Despite all the advances, major loss event statistics constantly remind us of the gaps between scientific knowledge and its beneficial application to both routine and complex weather-related problems.
Determining and reducing these gaps requires a strong interdisciplinary collaboration across different scientific communities.
The WMO’s ability to promote innovation will be critical to future development of international science across weather, climate, and water. We are entering a new era in technological innovation and in the use and integration of different sources of information in a seamless way for improving society’s resilience. This should be reflected on how international science is coordinated and developed.

When and Where

Bologna - h. 15:00 - Bologna - h. 15:00 -

9 Nov 2018

Organized by
  • CMCC Foundation - Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change

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