New Infrastructure for Hierarchical, Coupled Earth System Model Development

CMCC webinar
February 3, 2020 – h. 3.00 pm CET

Speaker: Mariana Vertenstein, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Moderator: Antonio Navarra, CMCC President


Three, major new improvements are being incorporated into upcoming CESM infrastructure. First, a new coupling infrastrcture called the Community Mediator for Earth Prediction Systems (CMEPS) will be introduced. The CMEPS Mediator is an extensible ESMF/NUOPC-compliant coupler component capable of coupling atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, land, wave, and glacier models. CMEPS is currently shared by both CESM and the NOAA Unified Forecast System. Other models are also currently looking into adopting CMEPS. Second, next generation “data components” called the Community Data Models for Earth Prediction Systems (CDEPS) have been created. CDEPS consists of a set of ESMF/NUOPC-compliant components capable of injecting forcings, such as reanalysis products, directly into a NUOPC-based coupled system, as well as temporally and spatially interpolating fields to the target model’s resolution and time. Another powerful capability of CDEPS is that the code to carry out spatial and time interpolation of forcing data can be accessed directly from a prognostic component via a simple API. Finally, the CIME Case Control System has been extended to add new workflow capability. This new functionality has recently been leveraged both by CESM simulations as well as in the release of the NOAA Unified Forecast System Medium Range Weather application. An overview of each of these new infrastructure capabilities will be given in this presentation.


Dr. Mariana Vertenstein has been the head of the CESM Software Engineering Group since 2006 and received the CESM Distinguished Achievement Award in 2010. Mariana has initiated many new CESM infrastructure initiatives and has been an integral part of their design and implementation. She is currently a member of the CESM Scientific Steering Committee and of the NOAA Unified Forecast System Steering Committee. She is also on the advisory boards of the Infrastructurefor Norwegian Earth System Modeling (INES) project and theInfrastructure for the European Network for Earth System Modeling (IS-ENES3).

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