Mediterranean Sea Physical Analysis and Forecast (CMEMS MED-Currents 2016-2019)


Short Description

The CMEMS Mediterranean Sea Physical Analysis and Forecast system comprises a coupled wave-current system composed by an Ocean General Circulation Model based on NEMO v3.6 and a Wave Model based on WW3 v3.14 with a variational data assimilation scheme (OceanVar) for temperature and salinity vertical profiles and satellite SLA along track data. The model has a 1/24˚uniform horizontal grid resolution and 141 unevenly spaced vertical levels. It spans the time period 2016-2019 and it is operationally updated. This dataset refers to the Med-MFC Physical EAS4 system.


Product Citation

Clementi, E., Pistoia, J., Escudier, R., Delrosso, D., Drudi, M., Grandi, A., Lecci, R., Cretí, S., Ciliberti, S., Coppini, G., Masina, S., & Pinardi, N. (2019). Mediterranean Sea Analysis and Forecast (CMEMS MED-Currents 2016-2019) (Version 1) [Data set]. Copernicus Monitoring Environment Marine Service (CMEMS).


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