Mediterranean Sea Physical Reanalysis (CMEMS MED-Physics)


Short Description

The Mediterranean Forecasting System, physical reanalysis component, is a hydrodynamic model, supplied by the Nucleous for European Modelling of the Ocean (NEMO), with a variational data assimilation scheme (OceanVAR) for temperature and salinity vertical profiles and satellite Sea Level Anomaly along track data. The model horizontal grid resolution is 1/16˚ (ca. 6-7 km) and the unevenly spaced vertical levels are 72.

Product Citation

Simoncelli, S., Fratianni, C., Pinardi, N., Grandi, A., Drudi, M., Oddo, P., & Dobricic, S. (2019). Mediterranean Sea Physical Reanalysis (CMEMS MED-Physics) (Version 1) [Data set]. Copernicus Monitoring Environment Marine Service (CMEMS).


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