CMCC-ESM – Earth System Model

Under development at ODA division in the Earth System Modeling Unit is the new version of the Earth System Model (CMCC-ESM). It is based on the coupling between the climate coupled model (CMCC-CESM-NEMO), that include interactive atmosphere, ocean, sea-ice and land components, with the BFM.

CMCC-ESM will contribute to the forthcoming Climate Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6).

The previous version of Earth system model at CMCC was called CMCC-CESM (CMCC Carbon Earth System Model; Fogli et al., 2009; Vichi et al., 2011; Alessandri et al., 2012) and it was based on the coupling between ECHAM5 (atmosphere), OPA8.2 (ocean), SILVA (land surface and vegetation), LIM (sea-ice) and BFM (ocean biogeochemistry). It has been developed and used under ENSEMBLES EU project and it contributed to CMIP5 simulations.


  • Alessandri A, Fogli PG, Vichi M, Zeng N (2012) Strengthening of the hydrological cycle in future scenarios: atmospheric energy and water balance perspective. Earth Syst Dyn 3 199-212 doi: 10.5194/esd-3-199-2012
  • Vichi M, Manzini E, Fogli PG, Alessandri A, Patara L, Scoccimarro E, Masina S, Navarra A (2011) Global and regional ocean carbon uptake and climate change: Sensitivity to an aggressive mitigation scenario. Clim Dyn 37: 1929-1947 doi: 10.1007/s00382-011-1079-0
  • RP0061 – INGV-CMCC Carbon (ICC): A Carbon Cycle Earth System Model


Tomas Lovato.

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