ICES – Intertemporal Computable Equilibrium System

The ICES – Intertemporal Computable Equilibrium System ( model is one of the main modelling tools developed within the FEEM Research Programme “Sustainable Development” and designed to assist in the study of the socio-economic dimension of climate change.

ICES is a recursive dynamic general equilibrium model developed with the main (but not exclusive) purpose to assess the final welfare implication of climate change impacts on world economies.

In addition to climate-change impact assessment, the model can be used to study mitigation and adaptation policies as well as different trade and public-policy reforms in the vein of conventional CGE.

To contact the researchers working on ICES please write an email to [email protected]

Research Papers:

  • RP0008 – Forestry and the Carbon Market Response to Stabilize Climate
  • RP0014 – Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies in Italy. An Economic Assessment
  • RP0015 – INGV-SXG: A Coupled Atmosphere Ocean Sea-Ice General Circulation Climate Model
  • RP0016 – Changes in Tropical Cyclone Activity due to Global Warming: Results from a High-Resolution Coupled General Circulation Model
  • RP0064 – Climate Change Feedback on Economic Growth: Explorations with a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model
  • RP0094 – EU mitigation, REDD and the carbon market: a general equilibrium assessment
  • RP0125 – Assessing the economic impacts of climate change. An update CGE point of view
  • RP0126 – Improving land-use modelling within CGE to assess forest-based mitigation potential and costs
  • RP0132 – Technology spillovers embodied in international trade: Intertemporal, regional and sectoral effects in a global CGE framework
  • RP0133 – Modelling Land use, Land-Use Change, and Forestry in Climate Change: A Review of major Approaches

Research projects:    

  • CALDAM-ENV Link – Calibration of projected climate change damages in ENV-Linkages
  • HEXE – Opening the economy-climate modelling box to decision-makers


Francesco Bosello.

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