Panzera Laura

Via Marco Biagi 5 – 73100 Lecce, Italy

+39 0832 1902411

Laura Panzera is Executive Director of CMCC. She was the Administrative Director of Center (2009-2014), she contributed to the start-up of CMCC and was its  Administrative Responsible since 2006.
Following her  Degree in Economics and Master in Business Administration, she worked in both public and private sector enterprises, developing an in-depth knowledge of project-oriented private organizations, as well as  public administration procedures and contracts.
A two-year experience as a risk analyst in a German bank, specialized in funding big infrastructures, allowed her to further develop her broad and deep knowledge of risk components and of the economic and financial feasibility of investment projects.
Her interest in scientific research has led her to apply her skills in this field, where she has acquired significant knowledge in project management processes, technology transfer and general management of scientific research activities, financed either by national or international public funds.

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