Scoccimarro Enrico

Enrico Scoccimarro, Msc in Marine Environmental Sciences. He has contributed to the development of a several fully coupled climate models (e.g., SINTEX-G, CMCC-Med, CMCC-CM) and has performed a number of climate scenario simulations and projections (CMIP3, CMIP5).
His main research activity is to investigate the relationship between Tropical Cyclones and Climate.
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  • Tropical Cyclones and climate
  • Remote subsurface ocean temperature as a predictor of Atlantic hurricane activity
  • Extreme precipitation events over north-western Europe: getting water from the tropics
  • The role of humidity in determining perceived temperature extremes scenarios in Europe
  • Tropical cyclone rainfall changes in a warmer climate
  • Modelling Tropical Cyclones in a changing climate
  • Tropical cyclone interaction with the ocean: the role of high frequency (sub-daily) coupled processes
  • Projected Changes in Intense Precipitation over Europe at the Daily and Subdaily Time Scales
  • Heavy precipitation events over the Euro-Mediterranean region in a warmer climate: results from CMIP5 models
  • Intense precipitation events associated with landfalling tropical cyclones in response to a warmer climate and increased CO2

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