Standardi Gabriele

Edificio Porta dell'Innovazione - Piano 2 - via della Libertà 12 - 30175 Venezia Marghera (VE), Italy

+39 041 2346057

Gabriele Standardi holds a PhD degree in Economics and Finance from University of Verona, a MSc Degree in International Economics from University of Cergy-Pontoise, and a Degree in Political Science from University of Perugia.
He is researcher in the Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division (ECIP) of CMCC. His main research field is computable general equilibrium modelling and climate-change impacts and policy.
In the past, he worked as a Post-Doc researcher at the Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei (FEEM) and at the Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Lille.


  • An integrated approach for the estimation of agricultural drought costs
  • Farm waters run deep: a coupled positive multi-attribute utility programming and computable general equilibrium model to assess the economy-wide impacts of water buyback
  • Micro-macro feedback links of agricultural water management: Insights from a coupled iterative positive Multi-Attribute Utility Programming and Computable General Equilibrium model in a Mediterranean basin
  • Cost of agricultural productivity loss due to soil erosion in the European union: from direct cost evaluation approaches to the use of macroeconomic models
  • Regional disaster impact analysis: comparing Input-Output and Computable General Equilibrium models
  • Sensitivity of modeling results to technological and regional details: The case of Italy's carbon mitigation policy
  • Incremental water charging in agriculture. A case study of the Regione Emilia Romagna in Italy
  • RP0275 - Phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies: implications for emissions, GDP and public budget
  • RP0274 - A Sub-national CGE model for the European Mediterranean Countries
  • RP0272 - Economics of flood risk in Italy under current and future climate

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