Research projects

SUSHI – SUStainable HIstoric city districts

SUSHI project departs from an holistic approach to address common challenges already identified in historic districts of six cities from five EU Mediterranean countries [Lisboa (PT), Valletta (MT), Savona (IT), Ptuj (SI), Nicosia (CY), and Sassari (IT)] to work, within a shared framework, to change their historic districts towards more sustainable, climate resilient and inclusive ones, through innovative integrated solutions and social change.

Cities & Coasts, Jobs & Growth.

Talking Chestnut – New techniques for monitoring the carbon balance and health of wood and fruit chestnut stands

In a large part of the Italian Apennines, the chestnut stands are evolving towards mixed forests with a predominant presence of Castanea sativa Mill., losing the structural characteristics for the traditional fruit production. In facing this process of renaturalization, the Emilia Romagna Region recognizes the desirability of maintaining also the traditional chestnut fruit production in the Apennines, as a resource for the mountain economy and as a typical element of the landscape and tradition. Therefore, the recovery and maintenance of the traditional chestnut fruit stands can be performed on small areas (<500 m2) within the forest matrix (Art. 30, Forestry Regulations), where the more suitable conditions occur, considering both the phytoclimatic and the micro-stationary characteristics. In this framework, the project aims to assess the ecological footprints associated to the recovery of the traditional chestnut fruit stands, in terms of C sink and stock in the soil-tree system, water use and land cover.

TEACHER-CE – Title CE joinT Efforts to increase water management Adaptation to climate CHanges in central EuRope

TEACHER-CE intends to integrate and harmonize results of previously or ongoing projects funded within INTERREG CE Program and/or other European initiatives. The main territorial challenge to be addressed concerns the development of effective adaptation processes and prevention of weather-induced risks for water management in Central Europe, where the effects of climate changes can be already clearly observed and, in future years, could have strong impact at territorial level

TRITON – Development of management Tools and diRectives for immediate protection of bIodiversity in coasTal areas affected by sea erOsion and establishment of appropriate eNvironmental control systems

Through an integrated set of actions based on research, capacity building and training Triton seeks to propose and support the adoption of common Cross Border Operational Plan for Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Italy and Greece. By improving the predictive and scenario-analysis capacity, the project will help to forecast future coastal erosion trends and risks, building a robust knowledge base for decision-making on coastline management on both sides of Adriatic-Ionian Sea.

Cities & Coasts, Global Policy, Jobs & Growth, Ocean.

WINDSURFER – WIND and wave Scenarios, Uncertainty and climate Risk assessments for Forestry, Energy and Reinsurance

Extreme winds pose major risks to life, property and forestry, while extreme ocean waves can impact on offshore infrastructures and coastal communities. WINDSURFER is a 3-year project that will bring together eight leading research institutions across Europe to co-develop new methods, tools and assessments of extreme wind and wave risk with a focus on the Insurance, Forestry and Energy sectors.

Water, Food and Land Use, Cities & Coasts, Energy, Future Earth, Ocean.

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