Funded by
  • DTU Management Engineering System Analysis - ETSAP operating agent
Duration 12 months from 01/03/2018 to 28/02/2019

Coordinating organizationTop
  • CMCC - Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici
CMCC Scientific LeaderTop CMCC Project managerTop DivisionTop General aimsTop

This project will develop and test a methodology for soft-linking a TIMES model type with a computable general equilibrium model, sufficiently flexible  to be then applied to different modelling contexts.

CMCC RoleTop

CMCC is Coordinator

Expected resultsTop

1. A report describing the methodology for soft-linking a TIMES model with the CGE database.
2. Case studies for at maximum three models.
3. Simple user interface for linking the models.


This project will (a) identify which inputs/outputs data can be exchanged between the two model types (b) specify the processes of data harmonization, on which attributes harmonization should be done, and identify the critical variables and assumptions involved (c) determine the appropriate types of socio-economic aggregations to be made in the CGE model to match existing socio-economic structures in each of the domestic economies represented by the TIMES model suite.

  • E4SMA s.r.l
  • UCC - University College Cork
  • RSE - Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico