A greenhouse gas with a global warming potential larger than CO2. A study provides information on its increasing concentrations. Among the authors, CMCC Monia Santini [...]
Credits: OGS
The past climate and the evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet to assess the current rate of ice melting: CMCC researcher Florence Colleoni participates to the 32nd Italian Antarctic Campaign [...]
Credits: CC Tak from HK
The Antarctic sea ice cover have continued to increase despite climate change effects. Nevertheless, Antarctic ice sheet is at risk due to climate change: it doesn't lose its mass because of surface melting, but by the calving of icebergs at the front of marine terminating glaciers or at the front of the ice shelves. But there's another additional threats to the future of Antarctica, that is the ocean-induced basal melting of the ice sheets, a process that could cause the fast disappearing of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The complete melting ice of West Antarctica would represent a global mean sea level rise of about six meters [...]
Credits: ESA/ATG medialab
CMCC Foundation researcher A. Bombelli was recently elected as member of the ESA CO2 Monitoring Task Force. The group will collect information and data for two years in order to plan a satellite mission for anthropogenic CO2 assessment and monitoring. He was chosen as expert in the field of climate change and carbon cycle and as CMCC coordinator of GEO group. His work will be mainly focused on users' needs [...]
Credits: CC ervortice
A new collaboration to investigate and model our climate system and its interactions with society and the environment. Politecnico participation will be aimed at developing scenarios, models and increasingly accurate analyses in many of the different fields of climate science while representing an important step forward to produce scientific knowledge and guarantee reliable, rigorous, and timely scientific results [...]
Experts taking part in side event, workshops, conferences, and online updates: CMCC participates to UN Climate Conference, COP22 in Marrakech. [...]