160422_paris_agreement_signing ceremony
A guide to the Paris Climate Agreement Signing Ceremony and on the future of climate negotiations [...]
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No effective implementation of climate policies without a collaboration at different levels of governance. A video from the magazine Climate Science & Policy [...]
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Climate change is an increasing cause of displacement across the world. «The language of immigration and refugees is insufficient to capture an emergent history», Saskia Sassen says [...]
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December 12, 2015 has taken its place in the history of the fight against climate change. Is it really a success? Carlo Carraro comments the outcomes of the COP21 in an article from his blog [...]
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Based on knowledge provided by the international scientific community, the text calls science to play a leading role also in the future. Antonio Navarra comments on the COP21 final accord [...]
A network of European Regions collaborating to tackle climate change. Sardinia, Apulia and Lazio key players in an international meeting at COP21 in Paris [...]