Lee, aged 69, is professor in the economics of climate change, energy and sustainable development at Korea University’s Graduate School of Energy and Environment in the Republic of Korea [...]
Credits: CC dsmoljanovic @Flickr.com
Carlo Carraro co-authored an article in the journal Science on the future of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [...]
Credits: CC @Flickr.com United Nations Photo
We need policies and mechanisms to improve exchanges of genetic material. Andy Jarvis on the specific roles of genetic resources for food and agriculture in coping with climate change [...]
An event organized by Italian Scientific Societies and hosted by FAO. Topics, instructions, guidelines: all you need to know to submit your abstract. Extended deadline for submission: September 30, 2015 [...]
Photographer James Whitlow Delano on the importance to deal with climate change. From July 28th to August 28th 2015, an exhibition in Milan presents his project [...]
Ways to design efficient climate policies generated by using the latest data and methods from climate and decision science. An Italian research published in Nature Climate Change [...]