Named after the scientist who introduced in the scientific literature the term “ecology”, the award honors a senior ecologist for outstanding contributions to European ecological science [...]
Picture CC by Greg McNevin @flickr.com
It plays an influential role in the in the climate change policy process. But its operations are becoming unfit for purpose. Reasons and improvements to overcome the obstacles. From Carlo Carraro’s Blog [...]
Credits: Photo by Panos Athanasiadis
Mixed feeling and thoughts while climbing K2. CMCC researcher Panos Athanasiadis tells his experience on Climate Science and Policy [...]
The last year ranks as the hottest since 1880, according to two separate analyses by NASA and NOAA scientists [...]
What does climate change have to do with our cognitive capacities, moral problems and our system of practical reason? Prof. Dale Jamieson (NYUniversity) and his vision of climate science in society [...]
From Lima to Paris: a lot is yet to be done, but there also are important steps forward. In “Nature Climate Change”, the outcomes of a research coordinated by Massimo Tavoni [...]