Credits: SISC
Different expertise and experiences talking together while promoting a fruitful and constructive dialogue on the issue of climate change. Over 100 scientific presentations collected and discussed at the SISC Annual Conference entitled “Climate challenges and solutions under the 2°C target” to be held in Cagliari on 19-20 October 2016. The welcome message of Prof. Donatella Spano, SISC President, and the lectures of Andrea Karpati, Head of Policy at Climate-KIC, and Fiamma Straneo, senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA) [...]
CC Martin Schulz - EP President
With today’s European Parliament approval, the last hurdle is cleared: the political process for EU to ratify the Paris Agreement is concluded. The EU ratification and deposit will cross the 55% emission threshold and therefore trigger the entry into force of the Paris Agreement [...]
Credits: CC Cycling Man
The main Italian Research Institutes on Climate Change involved in the scientific program. Parallel sessions to foster the scientific debate among scientists, policy and decision makers (Italians and foreigners), NGOs members and other stakeholders whose activities are focused on climate change. A keynote lecture on programs and strategies to bridge Paris Agreement into action. Poster sessions for a dynamic debate on the latest research projects on the multidisciplinary dimension of climate change studies [...]
How to find the best nautical routes to sail in the Mare Nostrum? The answer is VISIR, a system developed thanks to the collaboration between advanced research and users. Designed for various kinds of both motor- and sailboats, the system is now available online and as a mobile application on Google Play and Apple Store. Two studies recently published describe its features, functionalities and the science at its basis [...]
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Presidents Obama and Xi ratified the Paris Agreement on climate at G20. At the moment, 26 Parties, accounting for about 39% of global GHG emissions, have ratified of 197 Parties to the Convention [...]
A snapshot of the year that will be will be remembered as the year of the Agreement on Climate, and a glimpse towards the future that 2015 has prepared for us. Antonio Navarra – President of the CMCC Foundation – introduces the Annual Report 2015 [...]