Prof. Carlo Carraro explains why adaptation is good for the economy and GDP. Watch the video [...]
It's not only about energy, it spans all over our life. Some comments on how to move from climate policy to action at the Regional level. A video from the magazine Climate Science & Policy [...]
Key factors, cross cutting issues and the national-regional collaboration. A video-lecture by Donatella Spano [...]
Credits: CC BORGHY52 @Flickr.com
How the climate in Po river basin will change in the next decades. A study by P. Mercogliano and S. Castellari [...]
America's Cup World Series in San Francisco 2013
Cutting-edge Italian and USA research working together to provide key information about sea state and weather conditions at the next America's cup in New York [...]
160422_paris_agreement_signing ceremony
A guide to the Paris Climate Agreement Signing Ceremony and on the future of climate negotiations [...]