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One of the main event at the EU level in Alghero: international speakers, scientists, journalists, decision and policy makers for four days of analysis, study and discussion [...]
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For them, it is here and now. It belongs to our times but often we don’t know enough about the way they engage with it. Adam Corner (COIN) on how and why to talk about climate to young adults [...]
Twenty years. Twelve papers. Eight high-level scientific and academic institutions. A book that outlines the ideas and the vision of innovative research [...]
Put aside any prophecy of doom and let’s talk about something that could be used as a resilience-enhancing strategy. Koko Warner, United Nations University, on migration in the face of climate change [...]
Named after the scientist who introduced in the scientific literature the term “ecology”, the award honors a senior ecologist for outstanding contributions to European ecological science [...]
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It plays an influential role in the in the climate change policy process. But its operations are becoming unfit for purpose. Reasons and improvements to overcome the obstacles. From Carlo Carraro’s Blog [...]