Climate change: the challenge of resilient cities

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The conference “Cambiamenti climatici: la sfida delle città resilienti” (“Climate change: the challenge of resilient cities”) will take place in Bologna on November 18, 2017, (h. 9.30 – 13.30, Sala della Cappella Farnese – Palazzo D’Accursio, Bologna).
The event will be the opportunity for analyzing and discussing the future of our cities and their ability to adapt to climate change impacts, facing the new climate scenarios expected to have an increasing influence on health, wealth and quality of life of their inhabitants.
Paola Mercogliano, Director of REMHI – Regional Models and geo-Hydrological Impacts Division at the CMCC Foundation, will take part in the event with a speech entitled “Scenari del cambiamento climatico in Italia: gli esiti delle ricerche più recenti” (“Climate change scenarios in Italy: the latest findings of research”).
The expert Sergio Castellari (EEA – CMCC) will illustrate the recent report of the European Environment Agency, with the speech “Un nuovo rapporto della EEA: L’adattamento climatico e la riduzione del rischio di disastri in Europa” (“The new EEA report: climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Europe”).

Download the full programme (pdf).

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