Climate research, transition and finance at the MAGICA Summer School

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A week of knowledge transfer and brilliant startup ideas to find innovative solutions to fight climate change. The Summer School of the MAGICA project, coordinated by the CMCC Foundation.

From September 5 to 9, at the MAGICA Summer School, 20 university students, graduates and postgraduates passionate about climate change spent an inspiring week in one of the most innovative hubs in Europe: the H-FARM Campus.

MAGICA (MAximising the synergy of European research Governance and Innovation for Climate Action) is a project coordinated by CMCC Foundation that involves 24 different organizations and is financed by the European Commission under the Horizon European Program. It aims to accelerate the development, provision and exchange of knowledge from research and innovation to inform and support policy-making and climate actions via a better coordination of on-going and future initiatives and a more efficient use of resources. Within the project, a multi-directional dialogue with different relevant social actors (from policy-makers to the younger generation) is enhanced through international conferences, workshops and other innovative formats in order to inform citizens but also to detect the social needs concerning the transition to climate-neutrality and climate science, strengthening a community of practice built on trust and enabling climate action.

At the MAGICA Summer School, students learnt about climate research, climate transition and climate finance together with international experts Monica Billio, Carlo Carraro, Daniela Jacobs, Frank McGovern and Peter Vis, and developed their startup projects with Zeno Tosoni, entrepreneur and startupper, who helped them turn their ideas into real business projects focusing on climate.

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