Climate services in the finance sector: insights for users and providers of climate data and information

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Despite growing data collection and a growing climate service market, uptake and use of climate data and information has largely lagged behind expectations. The EU-MACS project assesses the obstacles and mechanisms that affect the uptake of climate services in EU Member States, with special reference to finance, tourism and urban planning.
On December 12, 2018, Ms. Robin Hamaker-Taylor, policy and risk analyst at Acclimatise presented the results from engagement with the finance sector achieved in the framework of the EU-MACS project.

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In EU-MACs’ engagement with the finance sector, two different worlds meet: climate services and financial services. The finance sector and climate service providers are both highly technical and data-driven though operate in vastly different spaces, each with their own expertise and jargon.
Climate experts, for example, are still discovering how risks are approached in the financial sector.
This webinar seeks to help in bridging this gap by offering mutual insights for each group. Both structural and operational obstacles and drivers for climate service uptake in the finance sector will be reviewed. Current use of climate services, as encountered in the study, will then round out the discussion to allow for both climate service users and providers to further gain insight.

Download the webinar presentation by Ms. Robin Hamaker-Taylor (Acclimatise, UK).

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