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In these days many people are looking for web resources as an alternative to the university lectures, conferences and other events that have been cancelled all around Italy. Even most events focused on climate change have been put on hold.

Here we propose a list of CMCC online resources on climate change issues that could be interesting to read or take a look at while we must stay at home.
The words of leading experts, questions and answers, solutions, and calls to action. Enjoy!

1. Solidarietà digitale. The companies and associations that made and will offer free services. An initiative of the Italian Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitalization.

2. FORESIGHT – Read our stories!

Focus story N.4: Land is part of the solution
WILDFIRES – Burning forests: from climate change buffer to climate change driver
ADAPTATION – Innovation inspired by the nature
ARTS – Anthropocene, the human footprint on Earth
REPORT – Italy has much to say about climate change and how it affects land

Focus story N.3: Journalism meets climate

Focus story N.2: The temperature to come

Focus story N.1: The blue treasure

Read the latest news on our magazine Foresight.

3. IPCC Focal Point For Italy: the contact point between the IPCC, the scientific community and the Italian public opinion to foster the share of knowledge and information on ongoing activities.

For those who want to enhance their knowledge on climate change and the future we are shaping, we suggest a series of reliable resources signed “CMCC Foundation” that make available for the general public the main outcomes of the latest IPCC reports:

IPCC Special Reports: insights, videos, infographics, data, and the comments and explanations of the experts. In Italian language.

4. #clima2014

The voice of leading experts, pictures, videos, graphs, and sheets: everything you need to know the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change (AR5).

5. The CMCC webinars

Here are the upcoming webinars:

  • CMCC webinar “GOWARE: An innovative tool for the management of the drinking water resources at European level” – 1 April 2020
    More information here.
  • EIEE-GREEN Webinar by Matthew Kotchen – 30 April 2020
    More information here.

Did you miss a CMCC webinars? You can find all CMCC webinars on YouTube CMCC Channel!
Here the latest CMCC webinars.

Here the CMCC webinars held on the latest IPCC Special Reports and international negotiations (in Italian language):

  • Clima 2020: negoziati e politiche sulla strada per Glasgow (via Milano)
    An analysis by the experts of the CMCC Foundation Eleonora Cogo, Marinella Davide, Lucia Perugini, Federico Brocchieri.
  • CMCC webinar “Il clima, il suolo, gli ecosistemi terrestri: i contenuti del rapporto speciale IPCC
    I nodi centrali del Report IPCC “Climate Change and Land” e la sua sintesi per i decisori politici (Summary for Policymakers), illustrati da esperti italiani in un webinar per media, stakeholder e scienziati.
    Riccardo Valentini: Fondazione CMCC, RUDN University Mosca, Lead Author del Capitolo 1 del Rapporto IPCC
    Donatella Spano: – Università di Sassari, Fondazione CMCC
    Lucia Perugini – Fondazione CMCC, Divisione Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services
    Modera: Mauro Buonocore – Ufficio Comunicazione e Media, Fondazione CMCC
  • CMCC- SISC webinar “Il rapporto speciale IPCC su 1,5°C di riscaldamento globale: obiettivi, strumenti e fattibilità della decarbonizzazione
    Le conclusioni più importanti del rapporto relative agli scenari di emissione e tecnologici delineati nel Rapporto Speciale IPCC su 1,5°C di riscaldamento globale.
    Speaker: Stefano Caserini, Docente di Mitigazione dei cambiamenti climatici – Politecnico di Milano
    Modera: Silvio Gualdi, Fondazione CMCC, Direttore Divisione “Climate Simulation and Prediction”; Presidente SISC

6. VIDEO – TEDxTalks

Sliding doors sul nostro futuro | Carlo Carraro | TEDxTrento
Greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere reached a level never observed in the last million of years. We are entering a high-risk phase that need urgent action. What actions can be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Is it possible to change quickly without reducing the well-being we have already acquired? Watch the video.

Ritorno al futuro, le parole del Climate Change | Mauro Buonocore | TEDxAscoliPiceno
Climate change is a story looking at the future, a scientific complex issue with several implications for human beings. The most effective solutions might swing between the most advanced technology and a strong collaboration between innovation and nature. Watch the video.

Oceano: Il Grande Gigante Gentile | Nadia Pinardi | TEDxBolognaSalon
From the insights of Luigi Ferdinando Marsili (1679) on ocean dynamics and currents, to current satellite observations and numerical models. The expected impacts of climate change. The new frontiers of oceanography to study the ocean and use its resources in a better way. The peculiar situation in the Mediterranean area. Sustainable fishery, wind farm offshore, plants to exploit wave and current energy. The talk of Nadia Pinardi at TEDxBologna. Watch the video. Read the article.

How many can we be? | Massimo Tavoni | TEDxPolitecnicodiMilanoU
It’s up to us to decide in which world we will live. Massimo Tavoni speaks about CO2 emissions and economic development, climate change and sustainability. Watch the video.

Other videos with CMCC experts:

  • JCOMM toward Joint WMO-IOC Advisory Board | Nadia Pinardi at IODE XXV Scientific Conference (18 febbr 2019)
    Watch the video.
  • Vivere e Combattere il Cambiamento Climatico | Massimo Tavoni at BergamoScienza (10 ott 2019)
    A talk focused on climate change, sustainability and what is happening around the world and what we can do to address climate change.
    Watch the video.
  • Avremo un futuro? Dal cambiamento climatico molti rischi e qualche opportunità
    The talk of Prof. Carlo Carraro at the event “Segnavie. Orientarsi nel mondo che cambia” (in Italian).
    Watch the video.
  • Massimo Tavoni: io, pessimista, vi dico che ce la possiamo fare (2018)
    Massimo Tavoni invited speaker at the Festival of Human Rights in Milan. Watch the video.
  • What role does education play when it comes to climate action?
    Interview to Prof. Carraro on the role of education to foster climate action realized by Climate Kic during the Climate Innovation Summit 2017 #ckcis17 (Milan, 30 October 2017). Watch here.

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