Ocean: Nadia Pinardi and the Big Friendly Giant at TEDxBologna

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“Have you ever had a hero when you were a child? A hero that used to remove negative thoughts from your mind and comfort you?” The hero of Nadia Pinardi, oceanographer at the CMCC Foundation, has always been the ocean, “a Big Friendly Giant” that she used to study very early during her long scientific career.

The ocean covers over 70% of Earth’s surface, it hosts many key plant and animal species and influences climate on a global scale while mitigating some climate change impacts. How long yet? 
In a talk at the event TEDxBologna, Prof. Nadia Pinardi tells its story, from the first steps of oceanography with the field observations of count Luigi Ferdinando Marsili, soldier but also a great oceanographer, to the new frontiers of oceanography, a science that today uses advanced numerical models and field observations, such as satellites observations and buoys.

Watch the video (in Italian only):

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