Women of the oceans: Nadia Pinardi among the worldwide excellence

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Biologists, physicists, chemists specialized in ocean studies: the women studying the ocean represent an ever growing and important scientific community. Among the pioneers of the modern oceanography there’s also Prof. Nadia Pinardi, oceanographer at the CMCC Foundation, a long scientific career dedicated to the study of the ocean, “a Big Friendly Giant”. Physicist and oceanographer, she contributed to inform the european landscape of ocean forecasting more than anyone, and with this motivation Liege University conferred her a degree honoris causa.
Member of the Strategic Council of the CMCC Foundation where she established the Ocean-Lab, the laboratory for advanced research in the field of operational oceanography, she has coordinated the development of operational oceanography in the Mediterranean area while supporting the foundation of the EU network for ocean studies based in Toulouse.

In an article on D Repubblica, Nadia Pinardi tells the new frontiers of oceanography, a science that today uses advanced numerical models and field observations, such as satellites observations and buoys.

Read her story on D Repubblica (in Italian only).

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