Addressing, managing and preventing fire behaviour and risks – The international conference in Alghero, May 26-29

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It’s one of the main event at the EU level focused on fires and risk management. An opportunity for discussion and dialogue between scientists, experts, decision and policy makers, media and public opinion. A meeting useful to sum up major results achieved by science and to highlight research perspectives while suggesting how science, civil protection and public administrators may collaborate in order to identify the best policies for addressing, managing and preventing fires and their associated risks.

International speakers, researchers from all over the world, journalists and public experts involved in that issue will meet in Alghero for a four days analyses, studies and discussions. The second edition of the International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk, organized by CNR – Istituto di biometeorologia, University of Sassari and the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC), will be held in Alghero, Italy, from May 26th to 29th, 2015, at hotel Calabona.

More information are available here.

The scientific program of the Second ICFBR is enriched by a side event, the round table “Environmental risk communication: strategies, synergies and new challenges” (in Italian) that aims at exploring new challenges and identifying synergies and strategies among the different actors involved in environmental risk management and communication.
The debate will be animated by considering the different point of views of experts, researchers, journalists and science communicators, local, regional, and national managers and stakeholders.
The risks related to the possible deformation, simplification, or excessive dramatization of high impact events will be also deepened.
Finally, the role of the media and the scientific community on environmental risk awareness and education of the population will be faced.

The following experts will participate and intervene in the discussion:

  •  Luca Mercalli – Science journalist, President of the Italian Meteorological Society
  • Mauro Buonocore – CMCC Press Office
  • Grazia Pellizzaro –  Researcher, National Research Council (CNR)
  • Immacolata Postiglione – Communication Referent Manager, National Civil Protection
  • Graziano Nudda – Director-General responsible for Civil Protection, Sardinia Autonomous Region
  • Nicola Sanna – Mayor of Sassari

Elisabetta Tola – Journalist and science communicator, formicablu


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