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He climbs mountains and works at the point of intersection between earth and air. A dad who loves to play board games and can’t wait to reveal the intricacies of natural elements to his daughter. Let’s get to know Daniele Peano, the CMCC scientist at CSP.


Interview by Selvaggia Santin

What’s your job at the CMCC Foundation?
I’m a Junior Research Associate fellow in the “Climate Simulation and Prediction” division.
My work focuses on investigating the impact of the land component – such as vegetation, land cover change, soil properties, etc. – on the climate system and improving its representation in the CMCC’s general circulation model.

What led you to the CMCC?
After my studies in Physics at the University of Torino, I started my PhD in Science and Management in Climate Change at the Ca’ Foscari University and CMCC in September 2012. It was at this stage of my career that my story at the CMCC began.

Is your current job the one you dreamed of when you were a child?
I was born in a small town close to the Alps which meant I was in close contact with the surrounding mountains, glaciers, vegetation, and nature. I always wanted to know more about nature and am happy with my current job as it allows me to do this.

Could you tell us the most important moment in your career life at the CMCC?
One of the things that brings me the most satisfaction is the possibility of collaborating in an international community. This allows me to spend time abroad and gain new knowledge.

What do you keep at your workstation?
I try to keep it tidy, but there are always pieces of papers lying around for me to take notes. I also have a small plant to make my workstation a little greener.

How do you travel to work?
I cycle to work. It is a great urban transportation solution: it’s green, fast, and healthy.

What do you do in your spare time?
I like to play board games, take photos, paint miniatures, hike, travel… I’m kind of a nerd. I also love to play with my new-born daughter.

Cinema or literature?
Literature. I love reading books. In fact, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” (George R. R. Martin).

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