“Meet the IPCC”: Interview with Professor Carlo Carraro, Vice-Chair of IPCC Working Group III

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“Economics models help prioritizing choices and identifying the crucial elements that can make climate change control possible and affordable. Economic models tell us how many resources should be invested in technological innovation, and/or in mitigation, and/or in adaptation. They tell us how to allocate these financial resources over time, across economics sectors, and in different world regions […] Economics is the main pillar of IPCC assessments. Without an economic assessment, climate change would be considered as irrelevant by business leaders, policymakers and most citizens. Without an economic assessment, it would be difficult to identify the policies to be implemented to control climate change and its impacts. Without economic, technological and demographic scenarios, it would be impossible to predict future climate change.”

Prof. Carlo Carraro, Vice-Chair of IPCC Working Group III and Strategic Advisor at the CMCC Foundation, talks about his research interests, the role of economics in the IPCC and the challenges of meeting the long-term goal of the Paris Agreement, but also about his best memories of his work with IPCC or his literary interests, in an interview recently published on the IPCC Working Group III blog.

Read the integral version of the interview with Prof. Carlo Carraro on the latest IPCC Working Group III blog post.

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