Ocean mesoscale in the climate machine

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The CMCC global ocean configuration at eddying resolution presented in a webinar held by CMCC researcher Dorotea Iovino. Watch the video!

Ocean mesoscale eddies are the weather of the ocean. These swirling motions are ubiquitous in the world’s ocean and act as vehicles for the transport and mixing of heat, carbon and momentum. More than half of the kinetic energy of the ocean circulation is contained in the mesoscale eddy field, with the remainder largely contained in the large-scale circulation. Oceanic mesoscale eddies interact strongly with the atmosphere and can largely impact the sea ice evolution. While unquestionably important, a rigorous quantification of the role of mesoscale eddies in setting the climate of the Earth is still missing.

Thanks to progress in ocean modeling and the advances in high performance computing resources over the last decades, numerical ocean simulations at eddying resolution are now a realistic choice to bring new insights into the oceanic mesoscale processes and to find application in ocean forecasting.

On June 25, 2019, in a webinar held by Dorotea Iovino, researcher at CMCC ODA Division, the CMCC global ocean configuration at eddying resolution is presented. In particular, here we show how resolved mesoscale ocean features can affect aspects of European climate variability and improve our ability to represent the complex interplay of atmospheric/ice/ocean processes.

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