OFIDIA2School 2nd Contest: distance learning training course

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The second OFIDIA2School contest, set up within the scope of the project OFIDIA2, has just been realized. This year’s edition was held by distance learning due to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to schools being closed long term.

The contest involved the middle schools from Lecce and its province for a total of ten hours by distance learning, composed of 5 lessons of 2 hours each. The contest aims to disseminate both the purpose of the equipment used in the project and the analysis of weather variables. Most importantly, the goal is to raise awareness of the importance of wildfire prevention.

The training course was meant to provide students with the basic skills for the creation of simple and interactive electronic prototypes based on the Arduino technology. As the course is by distance learning, the Tinkercad Circuits online simulator was used to allow the sensors set-up (temperature/fire sensor) and also the analysis and measurement of weather variables through a virtual weather station.
The actual OFIDIA2School weather stations will be installed at the start of the new school year and it shall remain at the students’ disposal as an essential component of the fire prevention monitoring network.

The schools involved in this edition of the contest are I.C. Stomeo-Zimbalo and I.C. Geremia-Re junior high schools, from Lecce and Leverano respectively. As a result of their participation, they will produce a short video on the topic “Climate Change and Wildfires” to raise awareness of this widely discussed subject and stress the importance of fire prevention.

Students are invited to produce a short video or film about forest and biodiversity protection. Alternatively, they can opt for a) a mini guide to the forests and woods of Apulia, b) a visual-storytelling project (multimedia presentation, cartoon, leaflet, brochure, comic, poster, drawing etc.) about the nature trails in the Region and any related safety concerns or weak points, c) an illustrated list of best practices when visiting the woods.
Prizes will be awarded to the participating schools and promotional gifts will be given to students.

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