The challenge of local energy governance at the Mediterranean Energy Debate

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The model of the MED Efficient Buildings Community to provide concrete solutions has been presented in Brussels on October 10, 2019 during its final event that brought together public administrators, experts and policy-makers from the Mediterranean region.

Local authorities are called to climate action. They are the real implementers of mitigation measures at local level. Especially in the field of energy efficiency in buildings, where they are expected to open the route and lead the way by refurbishing the public building stock.
In the Mediterranean region, there is not an easy road for de-carbonization: technical limitations; difficulties in finding financial resources and budget constraints; lack of expertise especially for small municipalities; complex and risky procurement and tendering procedure.

On October 10, 2019, the event “MED – Mediterranean Energy Debate”, the final event of the Efficient Buildings Community, supported by the MEDNICE partnership, took place in Brussels. The event has been a unique occasion for public administrators to learn from peers how to better design, implement and finance efficiency measures in public buildings and neighborhoods around the Mediterranean.

The MED Efficient Buildings Community presented its solutions to some of the aforementioned problems, with the aim to facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency in the public buildings of the Mediterranean region. The Community developed, tested and disseminate practical tools and methodologies at the service of local and regional public authorities.

On this occasion, a session has been also dedicated to school buildings and to behavioral changes that can reduce the energy consumption in schools. A group of young climate-engaged students from Albania presented their short-film If Earth Was Human that won the competition under the CrescendoSchools and participated in the Climateurope Festival 2018 in Belgrad (Serbia).

More information on this event are available here.

For further information on Modular Projects results, read also the news “Together in MED – Mediterranean Energy Debate” on the MED Efficient Buildings Community website.

Watch the full video “If the Earth was human“.

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