The climate of our cities: what it looks like, how it is changing, how to tackle the risks

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Heat waves and floods are the main climate change impacts on Italian cities. Such impacts are expected to grow, with consequences on people’s health, mortality, episodes of hydro-geological instability. Facing this reality and these future scenarios, how are six of the largest Italian cities preparing for them?

The report “Analisi del Rischio. I cambiamenti climatici in sei città italiane – Risk Analysis. Climate change in six Italian cities” has been published. Realized by CMCC Foundation, Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, it is the first integrated analysis of climate risk in Italy.

A document that, for the first time, makes use of the results of very high resolution data to offer an overview of the climate, impacts, risks and tools that Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome, Turin and Venice are adopting.

These are very different realities that share three main aspects:

  • temperatures have risen in the last thirty years and continue to rise in all cities;
  • all scenarios show increasing risks for heat waves and urban floods;
  • despite their diversity, the scenarios for all cities show that adaptation strategies reduce the magnitude of negative impacts, especially heat wave mortality.


ANALISI DEL RISCHIO. I cambiamenti climatici in sei città italiane.

Spano D., Mereu V., Bacciu V., Barbato G., Casartelli V., Ellena M., Lamesso E., Ledda A., Marras S., Mercogliano P., Monteleone L., Mysiak J., Padulano R., Raffa M., Ruiu M.G.G., Serra V., Villani V., 2021. “Analisi del rischio. I cambiamenti climatici in sei città italiane”. DOI: 10.25424/cmcc/analisi_del_rischio_2021

The report and downloadable infographics are available at the following link:

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