3D-CMCC-FEM – Three Dimension Forest Ecosystem Model (Collalti et al., 2014; Collalti et al., 2016; Marconi et al., 2017; Collalti et al., 2018) is a dynamic process-based model which simulates forest growth, carbon allocation and other dynamics in heterogeneous populations (mixed and un-evenaged). The model is based on the reproduction, at daily time scale and according to climate, soil and stand characteristics, of the main eco-physiological processes governing gross and net primary production (GPP, NPP), carbon and water dynamics.

Model outputs are generally representative at hectare scale, while processes are simulated at different spatial levels from cellular (e.g., stomatal conductance), to canopy (e.g., transpiration), to individual tree, up to stand level.

The model development was initially supported by the University of Tuscia through a PhD thesis (2007-2011), then by the CMCC Foundation (2011-2018) jointly with University of Tuscia and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). The resulting model version is now used for tailored applications serving the forestry sector.
Currently, the model development is no more supported by the CMCC Foundation. See here for more information on the model code and successive updates.



IAFES – Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services

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