3D-CMCC FEM – Three Dimension Forest Ecosystem Model (Collalti et al., 2014, 2016 and Marconi et al., 2017) is a dynamic process-based model  to simulate growth, carbon allocation, and forest dynamics in heterogeneous populations (mixed and un-evenaged). The model is based on the simulation at daily or monthly time scale of the main eco-physiological processes that govern gross and net primary production (GPP, NPP) and dynamics of carbon stocks,  structure of the population, of the biomass pools, soil and climatic conditions.

Model outputs were generally represented at hectare scale, while processes were simulated at different spatial scales from cellular (e.g., stomatal conductance), to canopy (e.g., transpiration), to individual tree, up to stand level.
For more information, visit the official website of the model 3D-CMCC FEM.

The code is downloadable upon request to the authors: Alessio Collalti e Monia Santini


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