Marras Serena

via De Nicola 9, I- 07100 Sassari

+39 079 229377

Serena Marras has a Degree in Agricultural Technology and Sciences (2004) and a PhD in “Agrometeorology and Ecophysiology of Agricultural and Forestry Systems” (2008) at the University of Sassari. Actually she is a Researcher at the Department of Agricultural Science, University of Sassari working on the implementation and application of sophisticated models to simulate functional processes of ecosystems, the evaluation of climate change impacts and the identification and evaluation of climate change adaptation and mitigation options.
She is specialized in measuring fluxes (by using micrometeorological techniques, such as Eddy Covariance and Surface Renewal) and modelling energy and mass (CO2 and water) over surfaces, and in analysing the relationships between environmental conditions (climate and weather conditions) and the surface. She also worked on the implementation of a multilayer surface model for estimating urban metabolism and its impact in urban environment. In particular, the model was improved and parameterized to simulate the anthropogenic components to CO2 flux over cities in order to evaluate different mitigation strategies. She is actually responsible of a LIFE Project on developing mainstreaming processes for climate change urban adaptation.

She is a member of the IAFES Division (Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services) into the CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change) Foundation. She is also a member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the Società Italiana per le Scienze del Clima (SISC). Since 2013, she collaborates as a thematic expert to support the development and implementation of the CLIMATE-ADAPT platform (developed by EEA) for the Agriculture and Forestry sector, and for the publication of the EEA scoping paper and report on climate change adaptation in agriculture. She also collaborated to the development of the Italian National Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation and for the Italian National Plan for Climate Change adaptation.

She collaborated to the scientific and technical management of several International, EC, National and Regional funded projects. She is author of papers published on national and international journals, and on proceedings of national and international conferences. She participated to various conference and meetings, where she reported results of her research activities. In the American Meteorological Society – Agriculture and Forest Meteorology Conference in Orlando in May 2008, she received the first place in the student paper competition.

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