Office: Sassari

Address: via De Nicola 9, I- 07100 Sassari

Telephone: +39 079 229372


Degree in Agricultural Technology and Sciences (2004), and PhD in “Agrometeorology and Ecophysiology of Agricultural and Forestry Systems” (2008) at the University of Sassari. Three years of a Post Doc position at the Department of Economics and Woody Plant Ecosystem, University of Sassari working on the implementation and application of land surface models to simulate functional processes over different ecosystems and the evaluation of climate change impacts.

The research activities focus on:

  • Estimate of energy and mass fluxes using micrometeorological techniques (Eddy Covariance and Surface Renewal) over agricultural, natural and urban ecosystems;
  • Modelling of turbulent fluxes between surface and the atmosphere using a SVAT high-order model;
  • Analysis of the relationship between environmental conditions (climate and weather conditions) and the surface;
  • Evaluate adaptation strategies to climate change in agricultural, natural and urban environment.

Actually, she is researcher at the University of Sassari and at the IAFENT Division (Impacts of Climate Changes on Agriculture, Forests and Natural Ecosystems) into the CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) Organization, working on the study of the climate change impacts on ecosystems. She collaborated to the scientific and technical management of several International, EC, National and Regional funded projects (VULCAN, 2001-2004; BRIDGE, 2009-2011; PRIN 2006, 2008, 2011).