STREAM – Strategic development of flood management

STREAM consortium will create or update flood cadastre for fluvial, urban and coastal flooding in the program area. Moreover, it will develop flood risk maps on the basis on flood cadastre data and collect available official data and layers already realized at national and regional level, supporting to the definition of flood risk plans. Through the International Flood platform, the STREAM project will enhance data sharing and access to advanced functionalities, allowing at the same time the current existing systems to stay in place without changing their operational workflows and also fostering the partners’ capacities to deal with required data standards at EU level and beyond. The STREAM project will develop an integrated probabilistic ensemble forecasting system for the coastal and inland areas. A multi-model system will provide sea conditions, including storm surge and waves contributions and total sea level forecast over the whole Adriatic and Ionian seas, allowing also the integration of the sea forecasts into site specific newly developed and existing coastal forecasting systems.

33 months from 01/04/2020 to 31/12/2022

Coordinating organization
  • Zadar County Development Agency – ZADRA NOVA

CMCC Scientific Leader
CMCC Project manager

General objectives

  • Improve the knowledge related to floods
  • Improve readiness and management of operational risk of flood
  • Raise awareness of citizens in order to change behavior in case of flood disaster

CMCC role

CMCC will work on the forecasting system of flooding and in risk mapping and of meteo- hydrological – ocean modeling. It will particularly implement modeling for the pilot cases in the Regione Puglia, Regione Marche and Po Delta.


In addition to project management and communication and dissemination activities, main STREAM activities will concern:

  • Creation of a flood cadaster for urban flooding
  • Development of flood risk management plans
  • Development of a multi-model system for sea conditions, including storm surge and waves contributions at the regional level
  • Education of stakeholders and capacity building of urgent services
  • Pilot cases implementation, with specific focus on urgent services

Expected results

STREAM will first and foremost result in improvement of citizens safety regarding flood hazard. All project results are clearly linked to 5 strategic expected outputs, such as improving knowledge related to floods, enhancing capacity of urgent services, developing innovative technological solutions for early warning and communication systems and educating citizens to respond with appropriate actions in cases of flood disasters. All project results will outcome from an implemented set of tools, action plans, strategies that will improve the capacity of flood risk management.


  • Dubrovnik Neretva County (HR)
  • Public institution for coordination and development of Split Dalmatia County – RERA (HR)
  • University of Zadar (HR)
  • Regional Agency for prevention, environment and energy in Emilia Romagna (IT)
  • Regional strategic agency for the eco-sustainable development of the territory – Apulia Region (IT)
  • National Research Council – CNR (IT)
  • Polytechnic University of Marche (IT)
  • Marche Region (IT)
  • Public body for the right to study – Teramo (IT)
  • Public institution development agency of Lika-Senj County (HR)
  • Karlovac Country (HR)
  • Town of Poreč-Parenzo (HR)
  • City of Venice (IT)
  • IUAV University of Venice (IT)

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