How to improve ecosystem monitoring and management in the Goro coastal lagoon in Italy

CMCC Webinar
3 November 2022, 12.00 pm CET
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Massimo Ponti, University of Bologna
Luis Germano Biolchi, ArpaE-SIMC

Rita Lecci, CMCC Foundation

The Sacca di Goro is a large coastal lagoon belonging to the Po Delta System in the northern Adriatic Sea. Source for fisheries for centuries, its environment has been deeply modified, representing nowadays an example of mariculture mostly in what refers to the Manila clams (Ruditapes philippinarum). An integrated management of the system is fundamental to maintain its delicate ecological balance and safeguard the quality of both the water and the seabed. In this context, the CASCADE project allows for a more effective and informed decision-making process through the integration of observations and modelling approaches. Changes in the benthic and phytoplankton communities were observed by using innovative technology, such as multispectral imaging from drones, that provided insights on how those populations varied in the past decades. Additionally, up to date modelling approaches are being implemented for the system which allow for a better understanding of its dynamics, the interaction with the surrounding Adriatic Sea and the effects on physical and biogeochemical variables. The knowledge acquired and the new technologies developed will certainly help in finding the right trade-off between conservation and exploitation of the transitional waters of this important ecosystem.


3 November 2022, 12.00 pm CET
To join the webinar, register here:


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