The Climate-ADAPT Adaptation Support Tool: practical experience and use for policy, planning and decision making

Climate-ADAPT webinar
18 November 2020 – h. 12:30 PM CET

Introduced by:
Silvia Medri – CMCC, ETC/CCA

Markus Leitner – ETC/CCA, Environment Agency Austria
Detelina Petrova – Ministry of Environment, Bulgaria
Svetlana Zhekova – Environment Agency Austria

Kati Mattern – European Environment Agency (EEA)

Climate-ADAPT provides information about Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability, Adaptation (CCIVA) and disaster risk reduction and is maintained by the European Environment Agency (EEA) with the support of the European Topic Centre on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation (ETC/CCA).
One element of Climate-ADAPT is the Adaptation Support Tool (AST). The AST has been developed in the context of the EU adaptation strategy to support and assist users in developing climate change adaptation strategies and plans by providing guidance. In 2013, the European Commission issued these EU guidelines on developing adaptation strategies as a component of the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change, with the aim to support EU Member States in the process of developing, implementing and reviewing their national or sectoral adaptation strategies and plans.
The AST ensures coordination and coherence with other sections of Climate-ADAPT and has many cross linkages to other types of information, case studies, adaptation options and knowledge. The AST’s main role is to support the mainstreaming of adaptation planning, implementation and evaluation (Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluating – MRE and continuous learning). The recently updated AST provides a sound overview and guidance for EU Member States, EEA member countries and others on how to develop, further improve and increase the coherence of National Adaptation Strategies (NASs) and National Action Plans (NAPs).

This Climate-ADAPT Adaptation Support Tool (AST) webinar aims to improve knowledge dissemination on the Climate-ADAPT AST and its further development to promote its use, e.g. for strategic policy processes, awareness raising, planning, development of guidelines, etc. At the same time, the webinar intends to highlight and present how the AST is being used in practice and can be tailored to the real needs of users. Finally, the webinar aims to stimulate participants to contribute to enriching Climate-ADAPT and further sharing and disseminating its knowledge.



12:30 pm – Welcome – Silvia Medri (CMCC, ETC/CCA)

12.35 – 12:45 pm – Introduction: The European Adaptation Platform Climate-ADAPT – Kati Mattern (EEA)

12:45 – 13:05 pm – Adaptation Support Tool on Climate-ADAPT – Markus Leitner (Environment Agency Austria, ETC/CCA)

13:05 – 13:20 pm – An example of how Climate-ADAPT AST is used in Europe – Detelina Petrova (Ministry of Environment, Bulgaria) and Svetlana Zhekova (Environment Agency Austria)

13:20 pm – Q&A moderated by Kati Mattern (EEA)

13:30 pm – End of Webinar

Working language: English


Kati Mattern is the project manager of the European Climate Adaptation Platform, Climate-ADPT, at the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen. Climate-ADAPT is supporting adaptation policy and planning across Europe and at all governance levels. Kati has led the management and development of the platform shortly after it was launched in 2012. She has also contributed to the evaluation of the EU Adaptation Strategy in 2018 by drafting and implementing an in-depth evaluation of Climate-ADAPT.

Kati has informed policy making on adaptation to climate change and on sustainable development at national level in Germany and at European levels since many years. Before she started again to manage Climate-ADAPT, she worked on the circular economy legislation in the German Environment Ministry.

Markus Leitner is a senior expert for climate change adaptation since 2005 and is heading the climate change adaptation team of the Environment Agency Austria since 2019. His main fields of expertise range from project coordination and management such as the FP6 project CIRCLE and FP7 project CIRCLE-2 (WP-Leader, 2010-2014) in the field of Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation (CCIVA) in Europe. He is a specialist within the European Topic Centre on Climate Change Adaptation (ETC/CCA) since 2011, supported DG Clima in different projects, and is a Member of the EU Working Group 6 on Adaptation. Recently he contributes with his adaptation expertise to the EU Horizon 2020 project PLACARD (2015-2020) as a WP-Leader, leads the ETC/CCA Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation (MRE) Task, and contributes to different tasks (e.g. CCIV Assessments, Adaptation Indicators, Key Type Measures and Health, Country updates,). He is well experienced in diverse project on the national, sub-national and transnational scale in terms of stakeholder interaction, policy development and MRE. Mr. Leitner has a MSc in Landscape Planning from the BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. Since 2012, he is lecturer at BOKU in Vienna.

Detelina Petrova has a European Master of Science in “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development”. From 2003 until 2016, she worked at the Executive Environment Agency” (ExEA) of Bulgaria and she was responsible for management of Bulgaria’s National Inventory System, including the coordination of the GHG inventory preparation and the compilation of the inventory. Since 2017, she is state expert in the Climate Change Policy Directorate under the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria. She is involved in the implementation of the EU Climate Change Policy at the national level, development of the National Adaptation Strategy, Integrated national energy and climate plans (2021-2030) and National long-term strategies until 2050. She also coordinates the reporting and implementation of the international obligation of Bulgaria under the UNFCCC (national GHGs inventory, National Communications and Biennial Reports).

Svetlana Zhekova has over 20 years of progressive professional experience in climate and environment policy making and implementation. She has served as Counselor on environment and climate change at the Permanent Representation of Bulgaria to the EU in Brussels for more than 10 years, where she has led the national team negotiating the EU Climate and Energy Package to 2020. Consequently, Svetlana has substantially contributed to the development of the 3rd National Action Plan on Climate Change 2014-2020 for Bulgaria, and she is also co-author of the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan until 2030. Svetlana assumed the position of Minister of Environment in the caretaker Government of Bulgaria in 2014, when she led the team negotiating the Bulgarian position for the Paris Agreement. Since 2016 Svetlana continues her work in the climate and environment fields at the international level, as an EU High Level Adviser on environment in the Republic of Moldova until 2019. Last year Svetlana joined the Environment Agency Austria’s team, where she currently contributes to the Agency’s work with the Eastern Partnership countries within the EU4Climate regional project.

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