Liubartseva Svitlana

via C. Berti Pichat 6/2 - 40127 Bologna, Italy

+39 051-0301613

Currently I am focused on improvement of oil spill modeling providing operative predictions of the movement of spilled oil and risk assessments for important resources.
Oil spilled trajectory simulations and the oil weathering processes including spreading, evaporation, dispersion, emulsification, beaching, sedimentation, dissolution, photo-oxidation and biodegradation are in the core of my scientific tasks.


  • Copernicus marine service ocean state report, issue 4 - Chapter 2.4 Interannual variability in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean Overturning Index
  • Observational evidence of the basin-wide gyre reversal in the Gulf of Taranto
  • Model-based reconstruction of the Ulysse-Virginia oil spill, October–November 2018
  • Marine litter in the Croatian part of the middle Adriatic Sea: Simultaneous assessment of floating and seabed macro and micro litter abundance and composition.
  • Are Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas sheltered from plastic pollution?
  • Challenges for Sustained Observing and Forecasting Systems in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Regional approach to modeling the transport of floating plastic debris in the Adriatic Sea

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