Rianna Guido

via Maiorise I-81043 Capua (CE), Italy

+39 0823 623189

In 2007, graduated with honors in Civil Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II”.

From May to December 2007, he worked at CMCC dealing with development of numerical codes for the soil-atmosphere interaction estimation coupled to of mesoscale weather and climate models.

In February 2010, he achieved a PhD degree in Geotechnical Engineering (XXIII cycle) at the University of Naples “Federico II” with a research focusing on “Early warning Systems for flowslides in pyroclastic soils: development of predictive models.” 
In November 2011, he obtained a research fellow focusing on ” Stability of artificial and natural slopes under static and seismic conditions”.

Since April 2011, he works at CMCC under the GEMINA project with the aim to investigate in the Euro-Mediterranean area the effect of climate changes on landslide phenomena.


  • Coupling scenarios of climate and land – use change with assessments of potential ecosystem services at the river basin scale
  • Parametric investigation of Urban Heat Island dynamics through TEB 1D model for a case study: assessment of adaptation measures
  • Assessing variations of extreme indices inducing weather-hazards on critical infrastructures over Europe—the INTACT framework
  • Climate Change
  • Impacts of past and future land changes on landslides in southern Italy
  • Assessing future changes in the occurrence of rainfall-induced landslides at a regional scale
  • Two Applications of Soil Water Balance in Unsaturated Pyroclastic Soils
  • Evaluation of the effect of land vegetation cover on water and energy balance of an unsaturated pyroclastic cover
  • Effects of climate change on shallow landslides in a small coastal catchment in southern Italy
  • Potential effects of climate changes on soil–atmosphere interaction and landslide hazard

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