Sirca Costantino

via De Nicola 9, I- 07100 Sassari

+39 079 229377

Degree in Agricultural Sciences at University of Sassari, Italy (1994). PhD on Agrometeorology (2001).

Actually, he is researcher at the University of Sassari-DipNET and collaborator of CMCC-IAFENT Division since 2009.
The main steps of his career are: 1995-96 fellowship at the National Research Council, Institute of Biometeorology, Italy; 1996-98 contract for research activities, University of Sassari; 2001-2005 and 2008-2010 post doc fellowship, University of Sassari; 2006-2008 fellowship funded by Sardinian regional Government.

He has several years of experience in international and national research project, and actually is scientific responsible of DipNET in the EU FP7 Project FUME – Forest fires under climate, social and economic changes in Europe, the Mediterranean and other fire-affected areas of the word. His main research field are related to:

  • Agrometeorology and Micrometeorology. Specialised in mass and energy flux monitoring techniques (e.g. Eddy Covariance) and flux data analysis on agricultural and natural ecosystems;
  • Ecophysiology. Plant- water relationship, particularly on Mediterranean ecosystems under water stress;
  • Wildfire danger and behaviour modeling. Fire danger model development, fuel characterization, fire data analysis, fire-weather relationships;
  • Soil respiration and carbon dynamics. Modeling of soil C pools fluxes in agricultural and natural ecosystems
  • Climate change impacts. Assessment of CC impacts on vegetation, land use, wildfire regimes, soil, agriculture. Climate and environment manipulation experiments.

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