Tavoni Massimo

Massimo Tavoni is the Director of EIEE.
He is also associate professor at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano. He coordinated the Climate Change Mitigation programme at Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) between 2015 and 2018.He has been fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioural Sciences at Stanford University, and post doctoral fellow at Princeton University. His research is about climate change mitigation policies, and has appeared in major scientific journals.
He is a lead author of the IPCC (5th and 6th assessment reports), co-directs of the International Energy Workshop and was deputy editor for the journal ‘Climatic Change’. He is a recipient of a grant from the European Research Council (ERC). He has advised several international institutions on climate change matters, including the OECD, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank.


  • Modeling meets science and technology: an introduction to a special issue on negative emissions
  • Counting only the hits—a rejoinder
  • Safe vs. Fair: A Formidable Trade-off in Tackling Climate Change
  • The value of technology and of its evolution towards a low carbon economy
  • RP0160 - Safe vs. fair: a formidable trade-off in tackling climate change
  • Counting only the hits: the risk of underestimating the costs of stringent climate policies
  • Nuclear versus Coal plus CCS: A Comparison of Two Competitive Base-load Climate Control Options
  • RP0065 – Climate Change Mitigation Strategies in Fast-Growing Countries: The Benefits of Early Action
  • RP0008 - Forestry and the Carbon Market Response to Stabilize Climate

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